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Bio Intensive Gardening

Random post on latest update on my urban gardening efforts using many if not all aspects of biointesive methodology.

Biointensive gardening, as far as I understand advocates following

  1. Double dig method:  Use following method depicted in the image below.
  2. Compost: Used composted horse manure from local stable
  3. Living mulch
  4. Rotating crops between high-calorie and other plants
Double Dig method

After trying biointesnsive method for six-months, I found that using first two steps has been relatively straightforward. The third step – of living mulch (to discourage weeds) is not easy.

The produce, of tomatoes this summer season was very good (compared to produce from previous season) – from total of about 8 plants, estimated produce was 35 lb. The chili pepper produce was disappointing. And produce from cucumber and pumpkin was almost zero since the vines died due to lack of watering.

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